How God Moved on Wednesday

Yesterday morning, a missionary couple, Mike and Kathy  shared their testimony.  They came to the mission field later in life – not entirely intentional.  Let’s just say that when they felt called around 35 years old, things got complicated (kids too old, not enough education, etc.) that kept them off the mission field for 10 years.  Their first two terms were in Romania, then they spent 2 years in Costa Rica in ministry and now are in Argentina for about a year.  He serves as the business administrator for the missionaries in Argentina.

We had a lot of children show up for VBS – about 25 kids – which was very encouraging and exciting.  Tammy shared the gospel clearly and effectively.  We didn’t have any children respond, but she did what God has asked her to do.

Then we had movie night.  One new lady showed up.  I shared my faith story and Sally Cope did too, but before Sally was done, she got up and left.  I was a little dissappointed.  But again, we proclaimed the gospel…the rest is up to God.

We had to say goodbye to our translators last night.  They are a great group of students from a Word of Life Bible Institute.  Word of Life is a international mission agency that focuses a lot on ministry to young people through camps and church student ministry.  The Bible Institute offers bible college education for people interested in going into ministry.  They are a blessing to work with.

God used us in a powerful way – it is a blessing to proclaim the gospel.

Today, Thursday, we are touring the city and shopping for souveniers.

Please pray for our safe travels back to the US tonight!

Thank you,


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