Hope for Buenos Aires New Website

With the re-branding of our partnership in Buenos Aires from Adopt a Barrio in Buenos Aires to Hope for Buenos Aires, we decided to redo the website as well.

We have added a few new features that we hope will be helpful to those interested in going on Mission with NRHBC.

Just above the top blog post is a list of tabs – Home FAQs Forms Videos

The two newest tabs are the middle two – FAQs and Forms.

If you are interested in going on mission with NRHBC to Buenos Aires, but have some questions, please check out the FAQ page.  There is a list of questions that I have been asked about the mission trip.  Hopefully, the answers are helpful.

For example, if you wonder if you have to know Spanish to go with us to BA, your answer awaits you on that page.

Also, there is a forms tab.  Click on this tab and it will take you to a page with a list of forms.  You will need to fill out these forms in order to go to BA with NRHBC.

If you are curious about what a trip looks like or info about past trips, check out previous blog posts in the archive that dates back to June of 2008.

If you have any questions about the website or thoughts on how to improve it, you can contact me at mark@nrhbc.org.

Have fun exploring the website.


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