SYTYCD? Brazilians Can Dance


The 16th team from NRHBC to Buenos Aires arrived yesterday morning.  We are excited about our week – ready to be used by God.

We left Thursday night from DFW – the plane flight is about 10 1/2 hours.  Sleep can be hard to come by but the majority of our team was able to get some rest.

Yesterday, (Friday) we spent a good deal of time resting to recover from the flight and to acclimate to Argentina time.  The hotel had our rooms ready relatively quickly – the only hiccup is that Bill and I are in pretty tight quarters.  He’s a great guy, so I think we will manage.

The afternoon we spent resting, which was nice.  The translators arrived at about 6 and we all went to dinner at 6:30.  Tiby, Lavinia and a new guy – Nick, who is the brother of one of our translators from the summer, Tony are the translators.

After that, part of the group went with me to a Bible study for Brazilian students at the Barrio Norte church.  Their study starts at 9 PM, ends at 10:30 and their fellowship goes to 2 AM!  We stayed until the end of the Bible study and then went back to the hotel.  I think everyone who went was still a little bit sleepy from the flight.  That’s the only reason that they were yawning while I led the Bible study, right?

The Brazilians were fun – they are mostly med students.  It was funny to see the cultural differences.  While they worship they practically dance and us gringos were just trying to make sure that our clapping matched the beat.  It was an enjoyable time.  Manuel Sosa, an International Mission Board missionary, and one of the Brazilian students started the Bible study about 2 years ago.  Now about 50 students attend.

Today, we will be headed to the Villa Crespo outreach building.  This is a former church that had been abandonded for several years before the Barrio Norte church and NRHBC formed a partnership to use it to reach the neighborhood surrounding it with the gospel.  We are going to be prayer walking and encouraging people to come see a movie on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Please pray for us!

Tomorrow is the (free) Bible raffle that we use to gain names, addresses and phone numbers to follow-up with the gospel on Monday through Thursday.  Please pray that several dozen people will sign up to keep us busy for the week.

God Bless,


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2 Responses to SYTYCD? Brazilians Can Dance

  1. Jody says:

    Sounds like fun. Praying for the team and evidence of God’s moving there!

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