What once was lost now is found!

God has blessed – this is one of the best teams that I have ever brought to Buenos Aires.  Everyone is a real go-getter and hard worker.  No one is a complainer.

We started off the morning with our usual share time – several talked about their burden for the people of Argentina.  This was very encouraging.

After an early lunch, we headed to the Villa Crespo outreach center.  There we met Manuel Sosa who is coordinating the partnership with the Barrio Norte church and the ministry of the outreach center.

Our plan was to meet at the outreach center, divide up into teams and go out and prayer walk.  Unfortunately, Thad accidentally left his wallet in the taxi.  In it was some money, his drivers license, debt card, and a credit card.  Poor Thad!  After praying together, we sent out the four teams while Thad called and canceled the cards.  He was in good spirits, thankfully, and so Thad and I went prayerwalking together.  It was a good time to gauge his spirit and pray together.

While we were prayer walking, each team had invitations to pass out for the movies on Monday and Tuesday at the outreach center.  Every other team had a translator, and I was our “translator.”  Fortunately, only one person asked a couple questions that I was able to answer.  I probably felt a little too proud of myself after that encounter.  🙂

A couple of the teams had long conversations with folks.  Angela met a lady, who she introduced to me, that reminded me of Arminda.  🙂  The lady was uber-excited and promised to bring dozens of kids to the movies. Debbie met another Christian lady who was excited to hear about the opening of the center and planned to bring her kiddos on Monday.

After we were done prayerwalking, I received a phone call from the hotel that said that someone found Thad’s stuff!  The lady that found it then called me after the hotel gave her my Argentine cell phone number.  About 10 minutes or so later she arrived with his id. and credit cards.  Thad, Jane, Debbie and Tiby all visited with her, tried to share the gospel and prayed with her.  It was a cool moment.  God is good to bring that lady into our trip – hopefully what Thad and Jane were able to share will make an impact.

After prayerwalking, we went to the Plaza Los Andes, the big park in Chacarita, where we will be doing our outreach/Bible raffle tomorrow afternoon.  We also passed out many of the remaining invitations to the movie.

After the park we went to Recoleta to see the cemetary.  Unfortunately, it was closed!  But there was a big flea market.  Most of the ladies and some of the guys went shopping.  Thad, Jane, Esequias, Angela, Nick (a translator), and I went to a Havanna – they have coffee and alfajores.  We enjoyed the coffee, tried a couple alfajores between us and visited.

We finished our night at a classic Argentine restaurant, for an authentic experience…the Hard Rock cafe.

Tomorrow, we have church in the morning, lunch at the pastor’s house, the sorteo (Bible raffle) around 4:00 (2:00 your time – in the middle of the Cowboys’ game) and then I will preach again tomorrow night.

Please pray for the continued great spirits of this team.

Also, please pray for the Bible raffle this afternoon – that several families will sign up, several will answer when we call them later tonight to set up an appointment and for them to be willing to meet with us.


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