Monday morning was a little rushed.  We met at 10 AM but none of the contacts had been divided between the teams.  So Debbie led the team meeting while Bill and I worked on dividing up the appointments.  Each team had about 5 people to meet.  They also had a list of people from previous trips that were divided up between each team.

Each of the four teams (Me, Debbie and Esequias are one; Thad, Jenny and Tiby are another; Jane, Angela and Nick; and Bill, Blake and Lavinia are the last team) had a meeting at 11 AM.  We had to pray and set the agenda somewhat quickly and then head out.

Each team had left except mine by about 10:50 AM.  Esequias and I were wondering where Debbie was…we waited and waited…then one of the hotel workers came and found me.  There are now restrooms located in the new lobby.  Debbie was locked in a bathroom.  🙂  It took a while to get her out, but she was okay.  I think she is going to try to hold it for the rest of the trip.  It was funny – especially because Debbie made it even more funny.

Our first appointment was with a woman, about 29.  Debbie shared her faith story, but the lady was a little hung-up on religion, denomination, Catholic vs. protestant, etc.  Debbie did a great job of balancing between being being respectful and pressing.  But the woman, Maria, I think, said she would come to the movie on Tuesday night with her kids.  So we plan on following up with her on Wednesday if she comes to the movie or not.

Our next appointment was across town in one of the provincias.  We took a taxi, which took us about 30 minutes to get there.  We grabbed a couple of empanadas each for lunch and then met with her.  She is a Christian – her husband came to faith several years ago.  They were robbed by someone they knew…so the man went to find a friend who was recently released from jail to buy a gun.  The ex-con had become a Christian while in prison and offered to give the man a two-edged sword rather than a gun.  Intrigued, the man listened as the ex-con shared the gospel.  He became a Christian and led his entire family to faith.  They now go to a church in the provinces.  It is funny that God had us meet her…it is a little random to go across town only to discover that she is already a mature believer.  However, it is also a blessing to hear her story and now that God is moving in Buenos Aires apart from us! 🙂

We then took the long taxi drive back to Chacarita.  I left Debbie and Sequi at the Plaza los Andes and went to the Casa de Amistad to see if the sound system had arrived (it had not yet)…so I called Manuel and he assured me it would be ready by movie time (it was!).

So I met Debbie and Sequi back at the park ahead of our 3 PM meeting.  Sequi, while in the park, led a young man to faith – he had been contemplating suicide (the young man – Nestor, I think is his name) but had awoken today full of energy and looking forward to his day.  We plan on meeting this young man again tomorrow.

We headed to our next appointment, only to discover that the person had given us a fake address – actually, it wasn’t fake, it was a Catholic church.  I bet he thinks that he is pretty funny… 🙂

Debbie, Sequi and I were left with a couple hours before we needed to meet with the other teams for the movie.  So we decided to walk to Villa Ortuzar and find some of our friends.  We were able to meet and schedule appointments with Iker and his mom as well as another appointment with Hector and Gabriella for tomorrow.

We swung by the hotel for the computer and movie and then headed to the Casa de Amistad.

Being good Argentines, we started at 7:15 rather than on time at 7.  We had hopped for more to come, but “only” had a couple families there.  Hopefully, God will bring more Tuesday night.  After the movie (the ballad of little Joe – the story of Joseph), Jenny Soule shared her faith story and did a great job.  Those at the movie tonight promised to come back.

We had dinner LATE on Monday night! we got to the restaurant at about 9:00 but dinner wasn’t brought until 10!

Each team has several appointments  on Tuesday.  It is also the first day of Spring on Tuesday.  It is traditional for children to skip school and hang-out in the park all day.  When we do not have appointments, we are going to head to the parks and share our faith stories.

Thank you for your prayers.


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