Dave and the Giant Pickle

Yesterday was a good day.

Angela, Jane and Nick had an early appointment so they had to leave early.  The rest of the teams had appointments at 11 AM or 11:30.  So we had a quick team meeting at 10 and then headed out.

Debbie, Sequi and my first appointment was with the lady who won the big bible.  She was very excited when we arrived at her house.   Debbie started to share her faith story, but the lady said that she only had a few minutes before she had to go pick up her kids.  So Sequi took over and said seemingly 30 minutes of English in about 10 minutes of Spanish.

She did not make a decision but she is open to us coming back, so we hope to connect with her this morning.

Then we went back to an appointment from Monday who was busy to try and connect but she wasn’t home.  Then it was lunch time.

There is a pizza place close to where we were that is also close to the Casa de Amistad.  It is cool because there are about 50 different types of pizza and 2 dozen different types of empanadas.   We were in a bit of a hurry as we had an appointment with Iker and Veridiana…which didn’t matter to the restaurant.  🙂

Iker wasn’t able to meet with us on Tuesday, but we were able to set a time to meet with us on Wednesday.  We’re going to talk about sharing our faith and I am going to gauge his interest/willingness to open his home for a Bible study.

After rescheduling our appointment, we visited around Villa Ortuzar to check in on people from previous trips  that Debbie knows.  We kinda struck out on catching all three at home, but we talked to their family and know when to come back today (Wednesday).

Debbie and Sequi had an appointment at 4:30 with Gabriella – a believer who has opened their house in the past to a Bible study but few to no one came.  I had to go back to the hotel to get the laptop and stuff for the move.

Debbie said that their conversation with Gabriella went well.  We are going to go back to day and talk further about her starting another Bible study.

Several more families came to the movie last night – 6 new people and 1 from the Barrio Norte church.  Sequi shared his faith story and did a great job – even getting a little emotional.  After the first movie (Dave and the Giant Pickle) and after Sequi’s faith story we offered to show a second movie to those who wanted to stay…so we showed the movie from Monday night – The Ballad of Little Joe.

After the movies it was late so we decided to go to McDonalds rather than to a restaurant.  After dinner, we made it back to the hotel at about 10 – just in time to head to bed with a full stomach!

Today we have a few appointments and a Bible study tonight. I am a little anxious about the Bible study – I think that I will talk from Ephesians 2:1-11 – I think it is a great summation of the gospel.


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