Thursday’s Update

Debbie, Sequi, and I started off the day yesterday visiting with Guillermo and Nadia at the Casa de Amistad.  Manuel and Berta were there too cleaning and organizing as the outreach classes start next week.

Guillermo and Nadia are a couple we just met on the trip.  They are both seminary graduates and are now teachers.  She teaches kindergarten.  He teaches in the high school and at the seminary.  They don’t attend the Barrio Norte Church, but know Pastor Daniel – the pastor was one of Guillermo’s teachers at seminary.  Daniel connected Guillermo with Manuel to discuss starting the Bible study.

They attend a Baptist church where they live (the barrio Paternal).  But they are looking for a place to serve and are interested in helping to lead a Bible study.  They seem have a passionate heart for evangelism and for discipleship as well as an eagerness to put their calling to work.  Manuel Sosa has met with them and know he is going to follow up with the churches that they have served at in the past to do his due diligence.  It is an exciting development – one that needs our prayers.

After our long visit with them we headed to lunch.  After lunch it was already about 2:15 and we planned to meet with everyone at 4:15 in the park.  So we headed to a couple people’s houses to see if they were home and finally we found someone home – Irma.

We had a great visit with her.  Her son has overcome a drug addiction and now is going to church.  It was a blessing to hear her story as we have prayed for her son frequently.

The visit to the cemetery was good – we only spent about an hour.  It is an interesting place to visit as it is full of enormous mausoleums.  As we were leaving, Arminda, an octogenarian in Villa Ortuzar, called my cell phone in a panic.  I have no idea how she has my phone number!  Debbie and Sequi volunteered to go visit and pray with her.

Afterward, two of the translators had to leave – Lavinia and Nick – for their school.  So we bid our tearful farewells.

We then headed to the Casa de Amistad to have dinner with the Jeffries.  We ordered pizzas and empanadas.  It was a nice visit – they are ready to head back to the states for good.  At the end of dinner, we prayed over them for God to encourage them and give them discernment about the logistics, school schedules, etc.

Today we are head to Boca then to lunch at a new place recommended by the Sosas.  Then we are going to walk down Florida street and then head back to the hotel and ultimately to the airport.

This has been a great week with a wonderful team.  Thank you for praying for us.

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One Response to Thursday’s Update

  1. Joane Leclerc says:

    Those are amazing activities to do in Buenos Aires. During my time there I could do most of them, and it was fantastic. Visit the Recoleta cemetery it’s something really special, and walk around La Boca and Caminito is the perfect way to know this magical city. However I had the incredible opportunity to go to La Ventana Tango Show, and it was such a remarkable experience, all those magical moves and melodies, created a magnificent experience that I only could live in the incredible city of Buenos Aires.

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