September’s Trip – a review

Leaving Texas on September 16, a team of 9 from North Richland Hills Baptist church ( traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  For the past 3 years, NRHBC has sent teams to Buenos Aires to reach our “adopted” barrios (Spanish for neighborhoods) of Villa Ortuzar and Chacarita.  This was the 16th team from NRHBC to go to Buenos Aires and the 11th time that I have been.

The team was easily one of the best teams that I have led to Buenos Aires – each had a passionate desire to share the gospel and see hearts transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit using our unique faith stories.

Arriving on Friday, September 17, we met up with 3 translators from a Word of Life Bible college just outside of Buenos Aires.  We have worked with Word of Life for two years and they have been an incredible help by providing Bible students who are fluent in Spanish and English.  Again, Word of Life sent wonderful translators – real servants of the gospel – in Tiby Hegedus, Lavinia Golas, and Nico Tyshchenko.

The week was largely spent in following up with those interested in a free Bible raffle by taking them a New Testament and our faith story.  The team was further bold in their witness by engaging people in parks, on the sidewalk, in restaurants, etc with the gospel.  Additionally, each team had a list of people that we have met on previous trips to encourage them towards a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

We left on September 24 knowing that God did a great work through us.  But don’t just take my word for it – here are a few examples of the lives transformed by God working through our team:

Oscar – Bill, Blake and Lavinia met him at the Plaza Los Andes. Timing was divinely orchestrated.  He is living in a hotel due to marital problems.  He prayed that morning for help – for God to send someone to counsel him.  He prayed to receive Christ.

Jorge – Thad, Jenny and Tiby met Jorge.  He could not read.  Thad and Tiby shared the gospel with him and he acknowledged that he already had a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Graciela –  Jane, Angela and Nico met Graciela in the park.  They had an “amazing conversation.”  She prayed to receive Christ.

Carolina – Mark, Debbie and Sequi’s team met Carolina.  Her mother (Rosa) signed up for the Bible.  On Monday, we met Giselle, Carolina’s sister,  and Debbie shared her faith story with her.  On Wednesday, we met went to the house to see Giselle but met Carolina, who prayed to receive Christ.

Join with me in praying for Carolina, Jorge, Graciela, Oscar and the many other lives that God changed with the power of his gospel.

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3 Responses to September’s Trip – a review

  1. Louise says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  2. Missions Ministry NRHBC says:

    Thank you Louise!

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