Time to get creative

We rested up this morning then had our team meeting and lunch before heading out to Casa de Amistad for the first time. Manuel gave us a tour of the Friendship House and shared some of the history. We then began canvassing the surrounding area with posters for the outreach event on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. We also handed out flyers to several dozen families along the way. We prayer-walked that neighborhood as well as Plaza Los Andes where we will have the Bible raffle on Sunday. The weather was perfect today, and there must have been more than 1000 people enjoying the park. The forecast is good for tomorrow, so we hope to have many people sign up for the family Bible.

Our translators arrived this evening as scheduled. We all meet in the morning as a team before going to Barrio Norte for church service. There is a chance that some of the young brazilian students will join our efforts in the park tomorrow. Please continue to participate in this mission through prayer.

Incidentally, I learned that BA is not the place to buy underwear unless you want to spend between 10 and 20 dollars for one pair. Time to get creative.


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