Please Pray – team report from Monday

We had a few appointments set up for Monday and headed that direction after our team meeting and lunch. It rained on us all day long, and there was also a cool front dropping the temperature by 25 degrees. We did all the same work anyway, but it was rather uncomfortable at times. (It was good to take the wet socks off at the end of the day). My team went to visit Marta, but she was at work. Her cousin Roxanna answered, and Cindy was able to share her faith story with her. There is a good chance we will see Roxanna and Marta again this week at one of the outreach events. Hannon also had an opportunity to share his faith story on a visit by the other team. We also began knocking on doors around the area of Casa de Amistad in an effort to both invite people to our events as well as establish a positive relationship in the community. There may be a bad taste in the mouths of some since a different church group occupied that building years ago and left on unpleasant terms.

I began losing my voice yesterday, and it is 90% gone this morning (Tuesday). Like the Cowboys, I just keep losing stuff

Please pray,

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