Thursday’s Report

this was our last full day of the mission. we did not have official appointments set up, but we dropped by many homes anyway. compared with previous days, my team spoke with more people, gave out more bibles, and walked more miles. one highlight was when cindy asked a young lady if she knew that she would go to heaven when she died. the lady shrugged her shoulders. cindy did a great job of walking through the gospel with her. and while the lady seemed to grasp the gospel truth, she was not willing to confess jesus as lord. she said she wanted to wait and do that at a church. the other team also had a productive day and was able to lead a young teenager to faith. we gathered at casa de amistad for our final event…the bible study. we had just a few in attendance. arminda came and brought pedro. i think pedro has been staying in part of her house. a homeless guy named pablo came. he brought in all his belongings and placed them in the corner of the room. except for the side-view mirror of a car…he held onto that and studied his own face most of the time. another lady showed up right as we were finishing, but she still had opportunity to take most of the candy home to her children. the young man who was going to lead in music as well as teach could not attend on account of having to take his wife to the doctor. i guess you could say that the bible study was something less than a raging success, but i still detect some measure of momentum and potential for the regular sunday afternoon study to succeed. many people were quite pleased that we were offering a sunday evening study as that is often the only time they have available during the week.

see you soon,

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