A New Bible Study

Casa de Amistad

Today, I received an encouraging email from Manuel Sosa, a partner missionary in Buenos Aires.  Manuel, NRHBC, and Iglesia Bautista Barrio Norte (a Baptist Church in Buenos Aires), partner together to reach the barrio, of neighborhood, of Chacarita.  On the outskirts of Chacarita, Barrio Norte Church owns a previously empty church building, which has been named the Casa de Amistad, the House of Friendship.

The Casa de Amistad is an outreach center that hosts occasional events, weekly classes to meet needs in the community as a bridge for the gospel.  The short-term goal was to start a Bible study and the long-term goal is to re-launch the Casa de Amistad as a church.

In the summer, NRHBC sent a team to add a fresh coat of paint and do some minor repairs to the Casa de Amistad.  Three teams followed up, using the House of Friendship as a launching point into the community.

In Manuel’s email today, I received the encouraging news that the Bible study out of the Casa de Amistad has begun.  It started last Sunday, November 28.  In Manuel’s own words, he describes the launch of the Bible study:

“We have started the Sunday afternoon Bible studies and last week we had 3 and yesterday 7.  I told them it was over 100% growth in just one week.  We are going at it slow and letting God lead us to what He wants to do there and also how to do it.”

Please join with me in praying for the continued growth of the Bible Study – that new believers in Chacarita will be discipled through the efforts of the local missionaries and believers.


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