My Dad, Parker, trying maté for the first time.


Today was our first day in Argentina – we left DFW last night and arrived in Buenos Aires early this morning.  Our team is comprised of Parker Spence (my Dad, not my son), Lydia Pedroza, Eddie Andruss and his two sons Noah and Tyler.  Noah and Tyler are doing great – the are both excited to tell people about Jesus.

I am enjoying spending time with Dad on mission.  Someone remarked that this is the family business…what I cool thought.  I hope that we can lead my sons, Parker and Jonathan to have the same passion.

The flight went well – no one got any real sleep but fortunately, no one was grouchy.  The customs aspect was a little bit of a mad house – people were ignoring the lines and the exit acted like a funnel.  They were x-raying each bag as it entered the country.  That was a first.

When we got to the hotel, we arrived at the same time as a soccer team – some team that I had never heard of in the Argentine 2nd division.  We had to wait a little bit but we were able to check into our rooms immediately even though we we arrived before check-in.

We grabbed a lunch of pizza, rested during the afternoon, and at 6 PM Kelli Frealy, a missionary with the International Mission Board (IMB) met us for an orientation.

Two of our translators are new – Christina from Ecuador and Diane from Florida.  Tiby and Nestor are also going to help this week.  Several mission teams have worked with Tiby and Nestor.

After orientation, the team met up with Jason, Daniela and Nicholas for dinner – Kelli’s husband (also a missionary), daughter and son.  Afterward, we sampled the local helado (ice cream) and are now settling in for the night.

Tomorrow we will be headed out to Chacarita – working out of the Casa de Amistad.  The goal will be to meet up with contacts from our previous trips and invite them to the Bible Study on Sunday night and Wednesday night and to the movies on Monday and Tuesday.

Please be in prayer for us as we connect with people from previous trips to encourage them in the faith.



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  1. I love that Parker got to go with you, that is awesome!

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