Team Report from Saturday

We started out the morning with a team meeting then headed to the Casa de Amistad.  We divided up on maps, contacts, tracts, flyers, etc. and headed out for a bit – first for an hour and a half before lunch, then for a long time after lunch.

In the first hour and a half, Dad, Nestor and I went to three homes.  At the first home Dad shared his faith story – the lady, Gisele, heard the gospel from before by Debbie and didn’t make a decision.  But she seemed more interested this time as though Debbie’s sharing planted the seed and Dad’s turn was to water.  Hopefully, we can harvest the next time we see her.

The next home was a bust, but then we headed over to a third home and were able to set an appointment for Tuesday.

We then met for lunch – the teams had similar luck in following up with people.  It was encouraging.

After lunch we visited the Plaza Los Andes where we will have the free Bible raffle tomorrow.  The goal is to have people sign up for the Bible, including their name and address,  and we will follow up with them.  The teams broke up again for another few hours

We went to several more homes.  We tried a lady that the team in November met at a woman’s shelter but she wasn’t home.  Then we went to a house of believers and will go back on Monday to encourage them to participate in the outreach from the Casa de Amistad.

We then had a trek up to the part of Chacarita closest to Villa Ortuzar.  The couple we were going to meet were not home, but a teenage girl was standing outside her home.  Dad shared his faith story and I shared the gospel.  She listened well, but said that she believed in part and in another part didn’t believe.  We plan to follow up with her again early this week – Monday or Tuesday, I forget at the moment.

Then we stopped by Iker’s house, called and set an appointment and then stopped by Javier’s house.  Javier has moved, but we have his phone number.  Nestor called and we should be able to get together with him sometime this week.

The teams then met back at the Casa de Amistad.  Each team accomplished a great deal and were exhausted.  The morning was much more successful in finding people home.  But everyone had a good day.

We headed back to the hotel to grab the food stuff for the Frealys and then left again for their house.  We decided to take the bus which turned out to be an adventure.  After waiting for 20 minutes, I put Eddie, Noah, Tyler and their translator Christina in a taxi.  Then, of course, the bus arrived.  The rest of us took the bus but got off one exit too soon.  So I called Jason who picked us up.

But Eddie and the others weren’t there yet.  So…I stood on one street corner while Tiby stood on another.  Finally, from his cab, Eddie saw me and the cabbie pulled over.  I feel bad for them – their cab got lost and was very frustrating.  But thankfully we were all together.

We were met at the Frealys by an Argentine who served in Central Asia.  After dinner, the Argentine did a Q & A for our team.  I was disappointed because I had to leave to come back to the hotel to meet our travel agent.  All is set in that regard and we are looking forward to our trip to Iguazu.

The team arrived back at the hotel at about 11 PM – they were excited about what they were able to hear from Jose.

This morning we are headed to church at Barrio Norte.  Then we hope to have a quick lunch and make it to the park by 3ish.  There is a Bible study tonight, led by Argentines at the Casa de Amistad, at 5 PM.  We are going to attend.  After that we will be calling the people who signed up for the Bible.

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