#Missions #Winning

Yesterday morning we were able to sleep in a little bit as we didn’t need to be at the church until 11 AM – so we left at about 10:15.

The church service was good. I spoke out of 1 Corinthians 1 about the issues of disunity and self-righteousness. After church the pastor, Daniel, invited us to lunch – we went to the same steakhouse as in September -they have delicious steak. It was a good lunch and quick by Argentine standards as we needed to be at the park at 3. After lunch, some of us went back to the hotel to grab our materials while others went to the Plaza.

Pastor Daniel invited his church to help our outreach effort – several from the church showed up and were a big help. The outreach started at about 3:45 and ended about 4:45 because we needed to get to the Casa de Amistad for the Argetine led (by Guillermo) Bible study. We had 31 people sign up for the Bible raffle, which was a fantastic sign up because we only had such a short window of time to do it.

There were at least 20 Argentines at the Bible study (not including us) – they had to keep bringing out chairs. Some were from Barrio Norte church but several were not – so that was encouraging. Guillermo did a good job leading the study – at least I think so as it was in Spanish.

After the Bible study, Nestor and I went to the pastor back to Barrio Norte church for the evening service while the rest of the team went back to the hotel for dinner and an early bed-time.

Nestor and I grabbed a taxi back to the hotel and ate a couple empanadas while he watched Boca Juniors soccer team play and I worked on the computer.

It is hard to believe we only have three more days of ministry here. It has been fun working alongside dad. I don’t know how many appointments were set for the next few days, I’m sure it was several. Even if not, we have a lot of work to do.

Please pray for people to be home today to receive our teams and to hear the gospel.

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