M is for Monday and the Minnesota Cuke

Watching "Minnesota Cuke" by Veggie Tales at the Casa de Amistad

We were set to meet this morning at 10:30 in the basement where breakfast is now served – unfortunately, we don’t have one of the larger rooms to meet in – we are all in the new part of the hotel with small rooms.  Plus, each of the tables at breakfast were in use at 10:30, so instead we went to meet at the Casa de Amistad.

At our meeting, we worked a little on the logistics and set the agenda for the next few days.  Each team had three or four new people to follow up with from the Bible raffle plus about 20 “contacts” from previous trips.  I encouraged them to focus on the new people first and then continue to follow up with people from the previous trips.

We then broke up for a time before meeting together for lunch.  Dad and I met two new people – one was a neighbor of someone who signed up for the Bible.  The neighbor’s name is Isabella.  I shared my faith story – she seemed to have a commitment to Christ – her brother is a pastor, but she doesn’t frequently go to church.  We plan to follow up with Isabella and her neighbor – the lady originally on our list.

Dad, Nestor and I visited another lady – she listened attentively to Dad’s faith story, through a window – she is not sure about her salvation but didn’t want to really hear the gospel.

We then met the team for lunch.  It was good to hear their “success” stories as well.

After lunch, we met a third “new” lady who signed up for the Bible.  She is a believer and attends a pentecostal church.  It is encouraging to meet believers.

Next we walked for a couple dozen blocks to follow up with Kathy – a teen that we met on Saturday who heard Dad’s faith story and who I shared the gospel with.  She was a no-show.

We were pretty worn out at that points, so we grabbed a drink at a cafe and rested for about a half an hour.  Then we walked back to the Casa de Amistad to meet Guillermo.

At this point we started to set up for the movie.  We had to arrange chairs, buy refreshments, etc.

The movie went well – we watched a Veggie Tales video about the “Minnesota Cuke” – it was around the story of Sampson.  Several Argentine families showed up with their kids – we had a full room.

After the movie Noah Andruss shared his faith story and did a great job.  Eddie shared his and included a clear presentation of the gospel.  We encouraged people who were curious about more to stick around and visit with a team member and to come back tomorrow.  Several conversations took place after the movie and each family committed to return on Tuesday night for the next movie.

After the movie we had a late dinner and turned in for the night.

Today, Tuesday, is Carnival (Mardis Gras) which should make for an interesting day.

We all still have appointments of Argentines to visit today.  Also, because it is a holiday and because we have a second Family Bible, we plan to do another free raffle in the park this afternoon.

Please pray for Argentines to be open to the gospel and willing to come tonight to the movie.

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2 Responses to M is for Monday and the Minnesota Cuke

  1. Jody says:

    Good reports! Keep up the good work. I am interested to hear how the day goes for the team during Carnival.

  2. Missions Ministry NRHBC says:

    Thanks Jody! Carnival was not as significant a distraction as we feared.

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