Wednesday’s Report

Chacarita Cemetery

Today was a good day.  We stopped by and visited with Irma for about an hour and a half.  She is doing well it was a good conversation.  Her youngest son was into drugs but recently has turned away from them and to Christ.

We then went to visit someone from the Bible raffle yesterday – her name is Roxana.  We visited with her for about a half and hour – I shared my faith story and Dad shared the gospel.  Clearly the Lord was working in her heart as she was thinking about God and heaven before we arrived – She prayed to receive Christ.

We then had lunch – Dad had his 5th steak in 6 days. 🙂

After lunch we visited with Iker and his mom, Veridiana.  Angela Roberts led Veridiana to faith in the summer of 2008 and I led Iker to faith in March of 2009.  We visited for a while and then did a Bible study together – it was a good time of fellowship.

Then we went to an appointment with Kathy – the teen that we have talked to twice.  We were very hopeful of visiting with her as she asked several questions yesterday but was not home for our meeting.

Then we went and toured the Chacarita Cemetery as Dad hasn’t been there yet.  He was impressed with the mausoleums.

Next we headed to the Casa de Amistad to set up for the Bible Study tonight.  Eddie’s boys and a translator, Deanna, were there.  Eddie and the other translator, Cristina, were at an appointment.

Soon Guillermo arrived and they began to set up for the music – Guillermo played the electric piano and had a friend play guitar and another play the bass guitar.

Lots of kids came to the bible study and a few adults – funny was that the lady, Isabel, that we visited by chance on Monday showed up – that was very encouraging.  I did the message out of 2 Timothy 3:16-17 about the importance of the Bible.

Afterward, we said our goodbyes to Guillermo and the rest and went to McDonalds for a quick meal.

We are headed to bed “early” tonight (11 PM) because we leave for the airport at 6:30 AM tomorrow.  We are all looking forward to seeing the falls tomorrow.

Please pray for God to continue to bless the work at the Casa de Amistad.

Please pray for our safe travels.

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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Report

  1. Bill Stewart says:

    Our prayers have been with you all.

  2. Missions Ministry NRHBC says:

    Thank you Bill – it was a great week!

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