Frealy Family Update – April 2011

Daniela’s first day of school Feb 2011

Jason and Kelli Frealy are IMB missionaries to Buenos Aires.  They are one of our primary partners on the ground in Buenos Aires.  I have replicated their newsletter in full for you to have an update on their work, family life and prayer requests.


Jose Luis and Melina did not continue meeting during the time we were in the States.  They noticed the lack of Bible study in their lives and want to get back on track.  Please pray for their family to return to regular time in God’s Word, as well as for their new baby (number 3), due in November.

Alicia continues to be a great friend to Kelli.  Recently, she heard the gospel clearly presented…again.  Please pray that God’s truth will take root in her heart.

One of our faithful North Richland Hills volunteers has, over repeat trips, developed a relationship with Yuly.  As a single mom of four children, Yuly struggles mightily with drug addiction.  Thankfully, we have found a Christian rehab center that will take on Yuly and the children for an extended time to help them recover.  To be accepted, she has to have some mandatory medical analyses.  Please pray for Yuly, that through the fog of substance abuse she can still complete the steps to go to rehab.

Lucas, David, Fernando, Juan Cruz.  Jason has shared the Gospel with these four young men in the neighborhood, including how his own life was radically changed by Christ at about their same age.  Please pray for their hearts to open to repent and believe the good news!

Iglesia Bautista Villa Pueyrredón

IBVP continues to thrive under Pastor José, and they recently held a church-wide retreat.  Jason has been given a great opportunity to teach a two-part sermon on evangelism at the church.  In mid-April, he shared on spiritual disciplines for the believer; please pray for him as he shares on personal evangelism on May 8.

Big Changes for our Family

As we have shared before, our organization has been undergoing a massive transition in our region over the past year-and-a-half.  Our job (church planting in Buenos Aires) was slated to end by 2014.

Thankfully, God has provided a wonderful opportunity for our family!  Lord willing, our family will be moving to Córdoba, Argentina this coming January.  Córdoba is Argentina’s second-largest city, with around 1.3 million people.  We will be working with area churches and believers, connecting them to U.S. churches and believers to start new works throughout Córdoba.

Please pray for the details of our move: a home to live in, a school for the kids, and the logistics of moving a houseful of stuff along with three kids aged six and under!  Please pray also for churches in Argentina and in the USA to have a God-given desire to work together to see new works in Córdoba!

Coghlan/University Project

Next month, a colleague is welcoming a team of university students from California.  We hope to work with them to distribute gospels of John in barrio Coghlan, as well as work in a university campus.


Daniela has gotten settled at her new school, Buenos Aires English High School.  She particularly enjoys going to the school library, playing on the playground, and attending tap dance class once a week.  Nicholas continues to be very active—he loves running, jumping, climbing, and wrestling.  His current favorite things are Elmo, tacos, and donuts.  Baby Michael is on track for a late June delivery.  We are so thankful for such a healthy pregnancy!

Baby Michael is breached, so we might be looking at a C-section in June if he doesn’t turn around soon!

Join with me in praying for the Frealy Family!

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