Remembering Tommy Teague

Pastor Tommy Teague and Mark Spence in Buenos Aires

Today we celebrate the life of our Pastor, Tommy Teague, at North Richland Hills Baptist Church.  Last Thursday Tommy transitioned from this life into the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   Click here to read his obituary: Thomas Will Teague

It was about six years ago that I first started to interview for the missions and evangelism position at North Richland Hills Baptist Church.  For the previous two to three years, Tommy and I met on a regular basis as he poured his wisdom and knowledge into me as I was a struggling seminarian and youth pastor.

After meeting with Tommy and the executive pastor of NRHBC, Danny Roberts at the Olive Garden (Don’t worry Rita, I remember that Tommy ordered bread sticks without the added calories of the garlic butter topping), I was offered the job.

I started in September of 2005 and quickly realized how blessed I was to serve alongside Tommy.  One of the biggest blessings was his heart for the gospel – that it be spread among our community and among the nations.

Tommy and I went to India together with Gospel Harvesters International (GHI) in July of 2006.  Memories from this trip are some of my favorite of Tommy.  (his refusal to eat anything with curry… his mimicking an Indian accent while trying to order chicken… his concern about eating so many carbs!)

For several years, NRHBC sent mission teams all over the world, and in the subsequent months and years, Tommy and I started to talk about strategic partnerships.  This means that rather than go several locations in a year that we go to fewer locations (one or two) several times in a year.  From these conversations our partnership with the International Mission Board missionaries in Buenos Aires, Argentina was born in 2007.

I had the privilege of bringing Tommy to Buenos Aires with a mission team in June of 2009.  One of the prouder moments of ministry with Tommy was at a Bible study gathering mid-week of our trip.  We invited all of the Christians, new-believers and non-believer friends of ours to meet at a restaurant in our adopted barrio of Villa Ortuzar.  Over 45 Argentines came to the meeting and heard the testimony of one of our church members.  Tommy was amazed at the fruit of the ministry and was a great encouragement for the work to continue.  (you can read more here: “Dios nos bendiga“)

On Sunday night, I am leaving with a mission team of 5 from NRHBC.  We were supposed to leave tonight, but with the funeral today we decided that it would be best for our team to be at church on Sunday.

Two from the mission team, Sabrina and Aidan, were with Tommy on his last day on earth while on a trip to Israel.  Their memories of him will last for a life time.

It is our fervent desire to continue the mission that God gave to us and that Tommy so richly believed in – to share the gospel in our community and in the nations.  Please pray for our church, NRHBC, as we experience a time of mourning.  We will be sad for a time but we look forward to what God is going to do through our church.

Please pray for the mission team of Sally Cope, Ashlie Duncan, Sabrina and Aidan Lindsey and Mark Spence as we share the gospel and disciple the Argentines who live in our adopted barrios of Chacarita and Villa Ortuzar.

Tommy frequently quoted the following verse and I think that at this time the words of God through Paul are most-apt.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen” Ephesians 3:20-21

Feel free to leave your favorite memory of Pastor Tommy in the comment section below.

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One Response to Remembering Tommy Teague

  1. Shari Emmons says:

    Tommy and I were teamed up with an interpreter on that Argentina trip. One of my best/fun memories of Tommy was one evening as the two of us sat at that same corner restaurant in Buenos Aires waiting on some of the team (WITHOUT our interpreter) and tried in our VERY limited Spanish to share Christ with our waiter who had VERY limited English. It was a hoot! But we gave it our best shot! Then we were also with Mark visiting in a home of some Argentine believers doing a Bible study and Pastor Tommy jumped right in giving them encouragement and instruction. What special memories I will always have of that trip and our one-on-one conversations.

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