Mission Team Update

Team outside the US embassy

Yesterday morning we arrived in Buenos Aires after leaving DFW on Sunday night.  For the most part, the flight was uneventful except that Sabrina and Aidan Lindsey had the joys of sitting behind someone being ugly and confrontational to the flight attendant.

We arrived at the hotel where Manuel Sosa waited for us to arrive.  This trip we are trying a new hotel and so far the experience is positive.

After meeting up with two of the translators (a third, Nestor met up with us last night), we went to lunch and then to the Casa de Amistad.

Essentially, the day that we arrive is usually one where we rest to make up for the lost sleep on the plane, acclimate to the time difference, and have an orientation.  But because our trip was shortened we hit the ground running.

From the Casa de Amistad, our group split up into teams.  I went with Sabrina, Aidan and Tiby while Sally Cope, Ashlie Duncan and Marcelo (the translator) went together.

My group was able to meet with several people we met on previous trips and set appointments for today (Wednesday).  One lady that my Dad and I met in March, Isabell, was especially glad to see us and we plan to go with her today to share the gospel with her husband.  Quickly, time ran out and we met back at the Casa de Amistad.

The team was worn out and so we decided to head back to the hotel first and find a restaurant from there.  We headed to a major street to find a restaurant, but walked and walked and walked.  (part of our journey took us past the US embassy – we were jokingly hoping for fireworks because of the 4th but were sorely disappointed)

Finally, after basically making a circle, we found a restaurant about three blocks from our hotel.  After a sharing a great meal of Argentine pizza, we headed back to the hotel for bed.

Today, we are breaking into teams again for the afternoon and are going to appointments and to follow up with other contacts from previous trips.

Tonight, we are showing a movie at the Casa de Amistad with the goal of sharing the gospel through our faith stories at the conclusion of the movie.

Please pray:

  • For people to be home and willing to meet with us.
  • For our team to encourage the faith of those we led to Christ on previous trips
  • For people to come tonight to the Casa de Amistad and hear the gospel
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