Encouraging Signs

Found this sign several blocks away from the Casa de Amistad. This sign demonstrates that when we are in the US that outreach continues in the Casa de Amistad.

Yesterday, we met as a group and headed for breakfast at about 9:30.

Nestor and I headed back to the hotel to get a new projector that we brought for the Casa de Amistad.  After taking that and a few other things to the casa, we headed to two houses but no one was home.

We then had lunch and met up with Sabrina and her group.  They went to a house from the November trip and met with an adult daughter, mom and grandmother.  They talked for two hours – one was universalist and the other two were catholic.  Sabrina said it was a great visit (they drank mate’) and answered their questions about the Bible and Christianity.

Together we headed over to a lady’s house, Isabel, that Dad and I met in March.  She asked us to go to where her husband works and visit with him about the gospel.  So all of us went to his work (he owns a car “dealership”) and spent about an hour with him.  I shared my faith story and the gospel and we listened to his story.  His car dealership was successful until the economy went bad and then some of his workers stole a few of his cars.

We talked about turning to Christ in the midst of troubles.  This man, Mario, didn’t “make a decision” for Christ but listened attentively and asked questions.  Hopefully, I will get to see him again this week and visit further.

After that meeting, Sabrina’s team went on their way and Nestor and I went on our own.  Nestor and I walked to another home from a previous trip.  The lady was home and so we set an appointment for today (Wednesday).  After that I was exhausted and so we went to a cafe and made some phone calls.  We now have appointments today including one with Irma Soto – an evangelistic lady who lives in the neighboring barrio of Villa Ortuzar.

Nestor and I had to head back to the hotel to grab the computer to show the movie at the Casa de Amistad.  We took a taxi there and a train ride back.  The train was an experience because it was so full.   Nestor and I had to push our way on and off!

The team and the Sosas were at the Casa when we arrived.  We started to set up for the movie including setting up the new projector.  It is fantastic – very clear picture even in full light.

Only two families showed up for the movie.  My worry is that it is too cold for parents to send kids to the Casa but we are praying for more to arrive tonight.  After the movie, Sally shared her faith story and did a great job.

After the movie, Berta Sosa had dinner for us ready at the casa de amistad.  She served chicken chili over rice and it was excellent.

Ashlie, Sally and Marcelo (the new translator) said that they led someone to Christ yesterday!

Today we are breaking up into teams again and will show another movie (Veggie Tales) tonight at the Casa de Amistad.

Please pray for:

  • Hearts open to the gospel
  • For people to be home
  • For several to come tonight to the Casa de Amistad to see the movie and hear the gospel.
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