Small Steps

Ashlie shares her faith story after the Veggie Tales Movie in the Casa de Amistad

Today was a bit of a long day.  After breakfast, each of our teams broke up.  (Actually, Ashlie, Sally and Marcelo had to eat on the run as they had an appointment at 10 AM.)

Nestor, Tiby, Sabrina, Aidan and I took the train this morning.  It was empty so it wasn’t quite the adventure that riding it during rush hour was for us yesterday.

Nestor and I went to an appointment at 11:30 – the lady wasn’t interested in a Bible because she already has one and didn’t want to talk about it further.  We decided to go and visit our friends in Villa Ortuzar and planned to take the Subway.  But as we were walking we came across a street where a young woman lived who Dad and I talked to in March.  So we went to visit her but she wasn’t home.

Then we walked to Iker’s house but he wasn’t home.  In the past, he has gone with his mom to Peru, where he is from for the month of July…so he may not be in town.  Meanwhile, Nestor talked to Irma and we set our appointment for the afternoon – at 5 PM.
In other words, at that point in the day we had walked for a couple hours only to visit with one disinterested lady!

After a quick visit to a store called, Jumbo (a bit like Target) Nestor and I took the subway back to Chacarita and met the team for lunch.  After that, Nestor needed to run to a meeting at the Word of Life offices, so I hung out with Sabrina, Aidan and Tiby.  We took the coin soccer board to the park to play and hopefully engage some kids and invite them to the Veggie Tales movie at the Casa de Amistad.

We played in the park for a couple hours, met a few families and invited several to the movie.  We had a lot of fun.

While at the park, Irma called and said that she couldn’t meet – she had something come up with her son.  So I was a little disappointed.  But it gave us the chance to take it easy as we are all tired and hang out in the park a little longer to invite people to the movie.

Nestor met back up with us and we had an appointment at 6 but…as per our day…no one was home!  That makes three busted appointments and three empty homes!  I’ve never “batted zero” for a day in Argentina before!

A couple new families came to the movie tonight as did Rick Kuntz – his family are missionaries here in Buenos Aires.  Rick is a lot of fun and we had a great visit.

After the movie, Ashlie Duncan shared her faith story…in Spanish!  And did a great job. (Check out the video above!)

We then came back to the hotel, ate McDonalds and went to bed!

Please pray:

  • For the team to finish strong on Thursday
  • For several families to come on Thursday night to see the movie
  • For hearts open to the gospel
  • For the volcanic ash from Chile to not interrupt our travel plans on Friday.
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