Stranded in Buenos Aires

Castaway in Buenos Aires

For those unaware, our flight home last night was canceled due to volcanic ash in the air. We are now booked on a flight for Monday night and hope that the ash will clear for us to be home on Tuesday morning. Now, we have the fortunate misfortune of being stranded in Buenos Aires for a few days.

We are making the best the situation. Thankfully, our hotel is not booked and so we were able to retain our rooms. Also, Tiby, one of the translators, is able to stay with us through Monday.

Yesterday, we did a tour of the city and last night I spoke to a group of Brazilian college students who have a worship service every Friday night led by the Sosas.

If you would, please pray for the ash to clear on Monday.

God Bless,


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2 Responses to Stranded in Buenos Aires

  1. Charles Bourne says:

    Gives new meaning to the Jimmy Buffett song – I don’t know where I’m a gonna go, when the Volcano blow!

    Praying for you and the team for a safe (and speedy) return.

  2. Lydia Pedroza says:

    I will be praying! Hope you’re home tomorrow.

    I returned Sunday late morning. Our flight out of Quito left 3 hours late, making us miss connecting flights to our homes.

    It was a wonderful week in my village of Mulalo’ 30 minutes outside of Latacunga (2 hrs. south of Quito). While I was enjoying 50-65 degree weather, you probably enjoyed even cooler weather.
    Can’t wait to hear of events in our Barrios.

    Praying and serving together,
    Lydia Pedroza
    Galatians 2:20

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