November Trip Wrap-up

Mission Team - Derek, Suzie, Charlie, Abigail and Cindy

The following are daily reports from Derek Rowden on their mission trip to Buenos Aires.

Saturday, November 5

Our team met for a devotional and logistics before heading to the building formerly known as Casa de Amistad. When we got there, I was surprised to see several folks preparing for an all-day missions conference. I was further surprised to hear that I was to be one of the speakers. We helped clean and then began praying through our list of contacts. Then we went to grab some lunch and proceed to the park. I wanted to show the team where we will be holding our Bible raffle on Sunday. We sat under a tree and finished praying through the remainder of the prospects. We returned to the Casa to find the missions conference in full-swing and my turn to speak. Thoughout the afternoon and evening, people gradually showed up until there were about 50 people present for a surprise party for Manuel and Berta Sosa. Several folks shared words of appreciation as to how the Sosas ministered to them. Then a worship session was starting up at 10pm to be followed by the keynote speaker. We ducked out around 10:30 due to exhaustion and are looking forward to Sunday

Sunday, November 6

We joined the church in Barrio Norte for worship. I had the opportunity to preach and was asked to give the same sermon at their 8pm service. After lunch we went to the park for the Bible raffle. Our translators finally arrived and met us there. The balloons and candy were a huge hit, and we generated 42 new contacts as they signed up for the family Bible. One of the families from the start-up church came and helped us the entire time. From there we went to the church in Villa Crespo where I preached again. After dinner, I returned the Barrio Norte while the rest of the team returned to the hotel to call our new contacts. We have 6 appointments set so far and will go to 3 of them tomorrow. I also met a vision team from a church in Tennessee. They are considering a similar partnership like NRHBC.

Monday, November 7

Our team met a bit earlier Monday morning as we had an appointment to visit someone early. We split into two teams for the remainder of the day and reconnected for a late dinner to share stories from the day. All 5 of us had opportunity to engage in significant conversations with folks we met at the park on Sunday. And Abigail was blessed to lead a young lady and her boyfriend to faith in Christ. Both teams were successul in scheduling follow-up visits for discipleship. Morale is very high at the end of Monday. And there also seems to be some decent synergy with the core group among the start-up church in Villa Crespo.

Tuesday, November 8

Tuesday was productive in a different way. Both teams encountered folks througout the day who were already believers. We traded testimonies of God´s grace and prayed with each other. Cindy´s team visited Arminda at one point, and they brought her flowers and a card for her 85th birthday. My team visited Irma who introduced us to several people on her street and had us pray for them. At another home, there was a 10 year old boy who could recite John 3:16 (they don´t have AWANA here). We had other encouraging visits and scheduled more follow-up visits for the next 2 days. Wednesday and Thursday are mostly full already. Please pray for the work here.

Wednesday, November 9

Wednesday evening we had the much-anticpated Veggie Tales event at the Villa Crespo church. (At least my team had been anticipating it). The turnout was okay. There were 3 ladies present whom we had met during the Bible raffle. They brought one child with them. There were also 2 other children who were dropped off by their moms. Many others were present, but they were either missionaries or folks from the church. Charlie shared his testimony after the film and did a great job. Earlier in the day my team met with David in the park. He had emailed me prior to the trip saying he wanted to meet me. He is a Christian in his 50s but very discouraged about his situation. We talked for a long while, and I asked if he would translate for me on Thursday. He seemed pleased with the idea. My fellow NRHBC members are doing an outstanding job. We have one more day of evangelism and discipleship before we fly home.


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