Update on the “Casa de Amistad”

Over 60 people showed up for the ceremony!

Saturday afternoon, December 3, our national partners had the closing of the Casa de Amistad for the year.  In Argentina, the majority of people go on extended vacation through their Summer months of January and February.  (The activities at the Casa de Amistad will start afresh and anew in March, 2012)

At the Casa de Amistad a variety of classes are offered including classes to learn how to play instruments, cooking classes and even electrical classes.  The students performed on guitars, saxophone, trombones, trumpet and the drawing students showed off their work plus the electrical students also had a display.  Berta Sosa’s cooking class provided chicken wings, empanadas and Christmas cookies that they prepared.

About 60 people showed up for the ceremony, which is a blessing from God!  Most of these were non believers, parents, relatives and friends of the students.  Our national partners were all surprised by the number and thankful to the Lord for what He is doing on His time.

The Sunday services have now been moved to 6:30pm and will continue through January and February.

Below are some pictures of from the celebration.

The cooking class made Christmas cookies

Electrical class showing off what they learned

Join with me in praying for God to continue to do great things in Buenos Aires to draw people to himself.


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3 Responses to Update on the “Casa de Amistad”

  1. LKeeton says:

    Wow! God is good!

  2. Nadia says:

    Dios no deja de usarnos en Villa Crespo!!! fue una hermosa fiesta y todos escucharon esa tarde el mensaje de Jesus.
    Gloria a Dios por eso!!!!

  3. Missions Ministry NRHBC says:

    Thank you Louise and Nadia! What a blessing that many heard the gospel.

    Nadia’s note says, “God continues to use us in Villa Crespo! was a beautiful party and everyone heard the message of Jesus (gospel) that afternoon. Glory to God for this!!!!”

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