Friday Update

We arrived this morning and it was smooth sailing through customs and immigration. Our driver met us right outside security and after taking ages to change money we headed to the hotel.

After dropping our bags off at the hotel we started walking to get the lead outta our legs. After a good walk we grabbed the subway and headed to the Villa Crespo church. 

It just so happened that Nadia, Guillermo’s wife was there and some members of Barrio Norte church. So we had a nice reunion. 

We broke into groups and headed out around the neighborhood, particularly targeting elementary schools, to post signs about the movies that will take place on Monday through Thursday afternoon.  We passed out flyers for about an hour and a half and in the process passed out all 500!  We do work. 

Then we ordered pizza and empanadas for lunch. In other words, lunch was delicious.

After lunch we taxied back to the hotel, checked in and took naps. 

Tonight we decided to stay close for dinner because we head out at 6:30 AM for the port to catch a ferry.  Dinner was good and we just made it back to our hotel. 

I did the math and need to go to bed 20 minutes ago in order to get 8 hours of sleep tonight…so goodnight everybody!


p.s. I tried to post this last night but was having wifi problems so I am posting Saturday night.

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One Response to Friday Update

  1. Lydia Pedroza says:

    Prsyng for you each day!!

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