A quick update about Sunday

Today was a good day. We went to church this morning at the Barrio Norte church. I preached. It was about Jesus.

We had lunch at the Villa Crespo church aka the Casa de Amistad. The church – Guillermo, his wife Nadia and about 15 members – made an asado for us. Essentially an asado is a giant meal of grilled meats and fresh salad. It was delicious.

We then hung out for a bit after lunch and had church at about 6:30. Again, I preached. Again, I talked about Jesus.

Our translators, who are student missionaries with Word of Life, met us at the church during the service – two guys, one from Peru and the other from Colombia.

We had a light dinner at McDonalds where we talked about the week.

I am very excited – members of the Villa Crespo church are going with us this week for evangelism and discipleship. This is a significant positive development in this mission endeavor.

Please pray:

For people to be open to receiving our team and receptive to the gospel.

For the members of Villa Crespo church to be eager to connect with the community.

For us to be bold in the proclamation of the gospel.


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