A Visit to Uruguay – Saturday’s update

This post requires a bit of explanation. For the first time that I have led a mission trip, we enjoyed our tourist day at the beggining rather than the end. I did this so that we could have the unique experience of going to Uruguay, which was essentially the same costs as an all day tour of Buenos Aires.

We had an early morning in order to catch a ferry across the Rio de la Plata to go to Colonia, Uruguay. We left the hotel at 6:15 in order to make our 7:45 ferry.

Colonia is a tourist town that was once a fort in the mid-1600s. There are many stores with souvenirs, a light house to climb with an excellent view, artesenal shops, antique stores and nice restaurants.

We arrived before any shops were open and had to walk around for about an hour and a half. We heard that there was a bullfighting ring and started to walk there. After waking an hour we were only about a third of the way there. So…we gave up and turned back around.

From that point we walked, shopped, ate. And then we still had 6 hours left in Colonia. So then we found a park, some rested and others (myself included) played soccer.

We then walked, shopped and ate ice cream. After 8 hours and with two more hours to go, Kevin had the itch to rent golf carts.  So Kevin paid $30 for two carts for an hour. We had a blast.

We rode out to the bullfighter ring and it was a huge disappointment. Essentially, the arena was a shell of itself.  

The best part of the golf carts was Kevin’s lack of knowledge regarding Uruguayan traffic laws and signs. So we drove the wrong way down one-way streets repeatedly.

At the end of the hour it was time to go to the ferry. We had an uneventful ride home and came back to the hotel.

Tomorrow morning I will post about the great day that we had on Sunday.


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One Response to A Visit to Uruguay – Saturday’s update

  1. Lydia Pedroza says:

    How fun!!! In November?? Same tour!!

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