Blockbuster Movie!


Today was again a really good day. We met Guillermo at the Villa Crespo church at 10 AM for a brief time of orientation before heading out. We had four teams and each team had a list of names to follow up with. We targeted the folks from the last trip as a priority and had about 3 hours for visiting.

I went with Keelan Lindsey and Guillermo Otero, the pastor of Villa Crespo church. The other teams were Jake Kuyle, Tiby (a translator from Romania) and Sabrina Lindsey; Kevin and Aidan Lindsey and Diego (a translator from Colombia); Ashlie Duncan, Trent Voyles and Estefan (a translator from Peru). As a reminder, our translators are students from the evangelical organization Word of Life.

My team went to four homes. 2 were not home, 1 was uninterested and the 4th was the mother of the previous contact. The mom, Maria, was curious and so I shared my faith story and the gospel. While Maria didn’t decide to accept Christ, I hope that she will be receptive to the Spirit’s work on her. Please pray with me towards that end.

We then headed back to the church and met the other teams. We ate pizza and empanadas for a late lunch and then prepared for the movie.

The audience for was very encouraging – about 62 people showed up including 16 or so moms. Repeatedly, we had to get more and more chairs to accomidat the growing crowd. We watched the movie, Megamind (Megamente in Spanish). After the movie Sabrina shared her testimony and the color flip book gospel and Trent shared his testimony. Both did a great job.

After the movie we hung out a bit, ate a bite and will all soon go to bed.

Please pray:

For those that heard the gospel today to be receptive to the Spirit’s work within them.

For more success tomorrow as we visit – for people to be home and receptive to the gospel.

For an open and attentive audience. We will show another movie tomorrow and hope for even more people and for even greater receptivity to the gospel.

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One Response to Blockbuster Movie!

  1. Fran Lucas says:

    What a great crowd! Will be praying for you all.

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