Today I went with Trent, Ashlie, Estefan and Erica, a member of Barrio Norte.

Our first priority has been to follow up with people from the most recent evangelistic trip which was in November of last year. We tried a few from my list with no luck and so we started to walk towards Villa Ortuzar, another barrio that is NRHBC’s responsibility to reach.

On our way, we stopped at a restaurant to use their restroom. We had a snack and the owner was chatty so Trent shared his faith story with him. The restaurant owner was initially closed until he discerned that we aren’t crazy nor JWs or Mormons. While Trent was talking through the tract, a patron entered the restaurant giving the owner an out. Thankfully, seeds were planted.

We next stopped at Iker’s house. He wasnt home but a friend of his told us to call the house and arrange a time to meet with Iker.

We next tried a home with several squatters with some luck. While Ashlie, Estefan and Erica visited there, Trent and I walked around the corner to Irma’s house. Sabrina’s team were being led there by Gabriela and so I arranged to see Irma tomorrow. Irma is a godly woman who lives in Villa Ortuzar who we met on very first trip to Buenos Aires.

Trent and I met back up with the rest of our team and went to Jumbo – a Target like store with inexpensive Argentine things that can serve as souvenirs.

We then took the subway back to meet the team. After a lunch of empanadas, we got ready for the movie.

45 or so showed up to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. During the movie Kevin Lindsey met with a guy and led him to the Lord as well as Trent Voyles!

After the movie we took the subway downtown to the Plaza del Mayo. We ate dinner and saw the Casa Rosada, Cathedral and Obelisk. All told it was a long good day.

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One Response to Choripan!

  1. Fran Lucas says:

    Good turnout! Praying for another day with many opportunities to share and encourage.

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