Visiting Long Time Friends

We started the day at the Villa Crespo church where we prayed, discussed the day and reflected on yesterday. I think everyone is enjoying the trip.

I went with Kevin & Lindsey and Diego, one of our translators. We took a subway to Villa Ortuzar to make our appointment with Irma, a Christian lady our church met on our very first trip. We then visited with her for an hour and a half. Recently, she had a fire in her house and still had some smoke damage. No one was hurt and for that she is thankful to God, as are we.

Her son, who was a few years ago in jail for drugs, is doing well. He has two businesses and employs both Irma and Irma’s daughter/his sister. But Irma thinks he is not a
Christian and asked us to pray for him.

We shared mate’ and visited about the Villa Crespo church. She would like to have a place to serve as her current church is too far away for her be actively involved during the week. We invited Irma to the church to meet Guillermo and some other church members that afternoon, which she did. I was very encouraged.

After leaving Irma’s we stopped at a park to invite people to the move. Keelan did a good job using his Spanish to invite kiddos.

It was already time to meet at the church – the morning really flew by.

Each group had a list of visitors to the movies to follow up with. Sounds like the other groups actually made the visits today while my group didn’t visit any because we were blessed by spending the time with Irma. But as Kevin pointed out, our visit paid off by Irma visit the church!

The movie went well – we had over 65 people there – not including us or the Villa Crespo volunteers. Ashlie Duncan shared her faith story in Spanish and Aidan shared about the wordless color book thing. Both did well.

Nestor, who has served as a translator on previous trips, and his fiancé Barbara showed up at the church after the movie. At that point, we headed back to the hotel and then to dinner. Nestor and Barbara went with us. They marry in less than a month. We had a great visit.

Please pray:

Today is our last day of ministry, please pray for our team to overcome weariness and to boldly share the gospel.

Please pray for the last movie today, that many will come and be receptive to the gospel.

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2 Responses to Visiting Long Time Friends

  1. Fran Lucas says:

    The time goes so quickly, it seems. We pray for renewed energy as you complete the task ahead and that seeds planted will bring forth a great harvest.

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