Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Hope for Buenos Aires?

Check out this blog post for the answer:  What Is Hope for Buenos Aires?

Who do I contact if I am interested in going with NRHBC to Buenos Aires?

Contact Mark Spence at 817-284-9206 or mark@nrhbc.org

Do I need to speak Spanish in order to go with NRHBC to Buenos Aires?

Nope! In fact, more often than not, our team members don’t know any more Spanish than hola and adios!

We partner with a Word of Life Bible College just outside of Buenos Aires.  The students are usually in their 20s, studying to become ministers or missionaries.   Although, they are usually not from Argentina, they are fluent in English and Spanish.

What does the average trip cost?

The average trip costs in the neighborhood of $2000. This includes airfare, hotel, transportation in country, meals, translators and other resources. If you are a member at NRHBC, the church will pay 50% of the cost, not to exceed $1000. Therefore, if the trip costs $2000, a NRHBC member pays $1000 and the church pays $1000.

Do not let the cost discourage you.  Many team members have sent letters to family and friends as a method to raise funds.  Our one request is that you don’t send letters to NRHBC members since they are already supporting you with their tithe that covers half the cost (not to exceed $1000).

For an example of a fund raising letter, check out the forms page.

Do I need a passport?

Yes, you need a valid US passport in order to enter Argentina.

To acquire a passport go to:


If you have a passport, it must have a least 7 months before it expires from the time you enter the country.  For example, if you arrive in Argentina on June 1, 2010,  your passport cannot expire before January 1, 2011.

Do I need a visa in order to enter Argentina?

No,  you do not need to acquire a visa in your passport before you enter Argentina.  However, Argentina charges a “reciprocal entrance fee” for Americans to enter the country.  The fee is $131, and gets you an automatic tourist entry into Argentina for the life of your passport.

The entrance fee is covered in the trip cost with NRHBC.

What kind of training is necessary to go?

On the average trip, the team meets 4 times for training.  For student teams or other specialized trips, the number of training meetings will increase.  The team leader will set the exact number of times the team meets as well as the dates and times.

How long is the average trip?

The typical trip lasts 9 days – 2 for travel and tourism and 7 for the mission trip.

What does the typical trip look like?

NRHBC has the responsibility for evangelism, discipleship and church planting among the barrios of Villa Ortuzar and Chacarita.  The trip consists of door-to-door evangelism, following up with new believers with discipleship all with the goal of planting churches.

Other outreach events will occur in conjunction with the Villa Crespo outreach center such as Vacation Bible School and Christian movies.

What is the average size of the team?

The average team consists of 6-8 Americans and 3-4 translators.

Where does the team stay?

The Ker Hotel in the barrio of Villa Urquiza, Buenos Aires.


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