We were able to meet as a team in the morning and share about our previous day.  The teams are doing well – God is breaking their heart over the lostness that they encounter and giving them a desire to be broken when at home too.

Debbie, Sequi and I tried to catch the lady who one the Bible at her home yesterday morning, but she wasn’t there.  So we decided to gamble and head to the home of our first appointment on Monday.  The lady there heard Debbie’s faith story, didn’t make a decision, but promised to be at the movie showing on Monday or Tuesday night.  Partly because she didn’t come to the movie showing, we decided to go and visit.

She wasn’t home, but her sister answered the door.  I was able to share my faith story and she wanted to hear more of the gospel.  Sequi, Debbie and I tag teamed on sharing with her.  At the end she prayed to receive Christ.  It can be amazing how God uses these chance encounters to change hearts.

We went to lunch at a simple cafe – so simple that they cook with a microwave – if I had known that, I wouldn’t have ordered what I ordered… 🙂

We then struck out basically the rest of the day.  We tried to visit Arminda, Irma, Hector & Gabrielle, Cecilia, Vivian, etc. but no one was home.

I then went back to the hotel to prepare for the Bible study on Wednesday night for about an hour.  Debbie and Sequi headed to the plaza in Chacarita.  There they met a couple who they invited to the bible study and who came!

On Tuesday, a lady was walking by the Casa de Amistad and saw that we were showing a movie.  She begged us to show it again on Wednesday, and promised to bring 10 kids.   We decided on 6 PM – enough time for kids to get out of school and come over but early enough before the Bible study at 7.  She brought 6 kids with her and Thad and Jane brought 6 of Sylvia’s kids.  So we might have had more kids on the night we didn’t plan for than on the nights that we did!  That is typical of missions.

We had one couple and one lady at the Bible study.  I shared from Ephesians 2:1-10 – which is a great summation of the gospel.

Sequi and Debbie had a long conversation with the couple – this is the one they met in the plaza.  Their conversation lasted about an hour.   Jane and Angela visited with the lady, also for about an hour.  They lady is a Christian, but I don’t know about the couple.

Part of the team left to grab dinner and go to bed – I stayed behind with Debbie, Sequi, Angela, Jane and Nick.

Then, at about 9:30 or 10 PM we headed to dinner!
Today, I am meeting with a couple who are seminary graduates and active at the Barrio Norte church.  They are interested in leading a Bible study at the Casa de Amistad, which is an answer to prayer.  He is also a musician, so he could lead in worship as well.

The teams don’t have a lot of appointments today, so we are going to meet up together and visit the Chacarita cemetary.  Tonight, we are having dinner with the Jeffries.

The translators leave tonight, and we leave tomorrow night!  Amazing how quickly the week can pass.

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